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In the seldom explored highlands of southeastern Ethiopia, an exquisite arabica coffee grows wild under the canopy of an ancient forest.  Thriving with little to no human intervention in the region’s rich volcanic soils, these beans mature at an above average size and are bursting with exotic fruity flavors and cocoa aromas.
This coffee is also the backbone of the local economy and harvest brings about a transformation as once tranquil communities awaken with activity.  People from far and wide return to hand pick coffee from their family’s plots, commencing a time of prosperity which reunites families and strengthens community bonds. This much anticipated event however, pivots upon the health of the forest, a unique ecosystem that supports astounding levels of biodiversity and endemism, and is crucial for protecting the water source for an estimated 12 to 15 million people living downstream.
At Konjo Coffee, we believe that nature has perfected these beans and that the prosperity that they bring is paramount to both the wellbeing of local communities and the successful conservation of the forest in which it grows.  As such, we have developed a modernized sun-dried processing system based upon traditional coffee processing practices which minimizes our environmental impact while preserving coffee quality.  Like our community partners, we take pride in our coffee and each bean is hand-picked with care by locals, inspected and then monitored throughout the drying process.  Furthermore, our coffee is 100% organic and is roasted and packaged locally in Ethiopia in small batches and to your order.  This ensures that we produce a coffee of exceptional quality that you will enjoy to the last drop and you can be assured that your purchase will be hard at work helping to promote local livelihoods and the conservation of this critically important forest.